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MoselBecome acquainted with the winery Gertrud and Franz-Josef Genetsch and learn more about wine and winegrowing on the Moselle by a comprehensive plant visit, a covered wagon tour through the beautiful vineyards and, of course, by a mouthful of good tasting wine.

By an individual wine tasting with mosellan cuisine you have the possibility to discover the secrets of wine.


With the cultivation of our vineyards we always aim to produce excellent wines for the daily use and up to the top wines. The pursuit of this aim begins already at the vineyards.

A deferential contact with the nature, a reduction of the harvest and a specific, selective grape harvest are the foundation stone for the fact that only good and healthy grapes reach the wine cellar.

In the wine cellar we aim to get the whole juicy and fruity flavour and the individual character of our grapes into the bottle. Therefore the treatment of the grapes and the preparation of the wine are strictly to the principle of "careful treatment", so that the optimum quality comes into the bottle and at last to you, in the glass.

You are really welcome every time!              

                            Your winery Genetsch


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Wein- und Gästehaus Franz-Josef & Gertrud Genetsch · Auf Zewenich 14 und 20 · D - 54470 Lieser/Mosel · Phone: +49 / 65 31 / 24 26 · info@wein-und-gaestehaus-genetsch.de

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